Grain processing

AB “Amilina”

AB “Amilina”

Amilina is the biggest manufacturer of starch in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The company processes Lithuanian wheat into valuable products for paper, board and food industries. Amilina supplies majority of the multinational paper and board companies in the Nordic region, along with local and regional industrial customers.

Impressive results in a short time could only be achieved by modernising the old plant and implementing innovative solutions.

A new modern milling line was installed in parallel to the old milling line. The company had already been using Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 in the old system and they were satisfied with the quality of Siemens products, stability and technical support. Therefore, Amilina wanted to maintain system integrity, so after consulting with our company the high-performance and reliable Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 V8.0 system was chosen for the new milling line.

Also, the optimisation of the motor start-up and control was carried out. This includes the design of automation systems, manufacturing of the control and assemblage of control panels, as well the electrical installation and mounting supervision.

All of the tasks done made real-time commissioning possible and minimised milling downtimes. Also, the energy consumption was reduced.

Thus, Amilina was one of the top producers of native wheat starch in the EU with a market share over 10% in 2013. Just recently, Amilina has completed construction of the new glucose syrup manufactory. The modernization of the grain elevator is already in progress and our company is taking part in it.

Amilina is planning further expansion and they are looking forward to work with UAB “TPA” again. Satisfied with the proven stability and performance, they are planning to use Siemens products in the future as well.

The key challenge was the complexity of the combined system. The mill is a seven-storey building. The size of the installation is over 1000 I/O signals and the total installed motor power is approximately 2500 kW.

The modernisation was made in collaboration with our company that has experience working in the field of technological process automation.

Our customers given a high level safety, comfort and attentiveness for their project, ensuring qualified performance in every aspect and complete integration.