Technological processes automation
& management
for the food industry
To create higher production efficiency

For breweries, dairies,
grain processing and others

Brewery Companies that implemented our systems
improved production performance efficiency
metrics from 10% to 60%
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1# integrated system
for all factory automation
to measure, control & improve
production performance efficiency
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Our clients

"On time within the best quality. With a good grasp of what technologies in production is required. Production increased at least by 20%."
Girts Vejins
MillMix Agro / CEO
"Our goals and expectations was exceeded within very competitive price."

Jim Tsikhlakis
Amilina's flour mill modernisation project / Project manager
"By working with TPA project implementation time is shortened by 30%. The number of production downtime is reduced by 50%."
Gundars Veritis
CROCUS / Sales Director

Increase your production process efficiency by implementing our unique solutions

Follow & control production automation processes

Follow & control production automation processes.

Unique, on-demand reports for remote viewing of production parameters and processes. Tracking helps reduce troubleshooting time. This speeds up the identification of causes, which reduces downtime, costs and increases efficiency.

Measure overall production equipment efficiency

To increase the efficiency of production equipment, we measure OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). The insights gained from the development of benchmarking allow for a measurable and systematic improvement of the production process.

We find congestion / blockages in OEE reports. Eliminating the causes allows to increase production volumes and achieve maximum process speeds with the same production line.

Measure overall production equipment efficiency TPA

Production tracking from raw material to finished product

Continuous ontime accounting of materials and products is performed: Annual, monthly, daily reports on collected, processed and manufactured products.

Employment tracking

Easy downtime detection on production lines. Opportunity to look at the state of work. Deficiencies in the line are recognized, as well as operators’ schedule compliance monitoring

Energy resources control bu TPA automation

Energy resources control

Daily / weekly / monthly / yearly consumption summaries Electricity / water / air / heat / cold summaries Energy data reports provide an opportunity to analyze energy consumption patterns in different contexts (day / night, shifts)

One system for the whole factory automation processes

With the help of the system we are developing, data is collected from various production machines, accounting devices, operators and workplaces. All processes combined into a single entity allow for centralized analysis and management of plant-wide processes.

One system for the whole factory automation processes by TPA

We provide full cycle engineering services for production processes automation.
From design to support.

This includes electrical design, safety integration, process automation, software for automation systems, installation and electrical mounting works on site, commissioning and start-up works on site, project management, consulting & trainings.

From technical documentation to launch & maintenance




Programming, tuning & testing


Maintenance & support

Electrical Engineering And Design Of The Automation Systems

  • Process control and automation;
  • Electrotechnics (voltage up to 1000V);
  • Electronic communications (telecommunications).

  • We use intelligent electrical design software for engineering -electrical CAD software PCSCHEMATIC. It is specially designed for electrical CAD documentation. AutoCAD Electrical is used as well. The main advantage of these software packages is the automated design of the electrical drawings, fast and reliable preparation of the electrical documentation. We aim to keep our clients completely satisfied from the beginning till the end.

    Electrical Engineering And Design Of The Automation Systems by TPA
    Software For The Automation Systems by TPA

    Software For The Automation Systems

    • Our extensive range of automation software has been designed to ensure the maximum process efficiency for the automation systems of the different technological processes:
    • PLCs from different manufacturers (Siemens, ABB), but not limited to.
    • Visualization and process control systems. We use the following software packages: Siemens WinCC, Siemens PCS7, Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware InBatch.
    • HMI panels from different manufacturers.

    Assemblage Of The Control Cabinets

    Assemblage of the control panels for the automation systems that are fully inspected and tested. We use components and installation materials from the well-known manufacturers. Therefore, we deliver only well-tested electrotechnical production, provided with proper documentation. Our control cabinets have CE marking and correspond toIEC standards.

      Our production:
    • Control cabinets for the control of the technological equipment, data acquisition, communication;
    • Motor control centers (MCC);
    • Systems with frequency converters;
    • Cabinets for the electric power distribution in the low voltage electricity networks;
    • Pneumatic cabinets.
    • Different construction types to meet the requirements of the systems and customers.
    • Painted steel and stainless steel cabinets.
    • Protection degree is up to IP65.

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